Reach 4 The Sky Foundation

In January of 2004 Keith Rucker founded the "Reach 4 The Sky Foundation".

As a non-profit foundation our primary focus is more on the youth whose families may not be able to afford activities, events and/or camps that come with a fee. The resources we use to pay for these camps and events are Government Grants, Sponsors, Fundraisers and Tax Deductible Donations.

The age range the foundation serves is 6 – 14 year olds, boys and girls. The activities and events that we offer to the youth are; summer football camps, and summer cheerleading / dance camp, as well as making public speaking appearances. Intertwined in these camps and clinics the foundations staff and volunteers teach the kids teamwork, life skills and decision-making skills, this to better prepare our youth for the real world.

Foundation Board

The foundation has 9 board members whom are all volunteers and whom are all involved for one reason, which is as our foundation slogan states, "It's all about the kids". We strive to ensure that these young men and women who partake in our camps and activities are positive and productive members of our communities, as well as in society.

Board Members

  • Keith Rucker, President
  • Willie Rucker, Vice President
  • Aireko Lockard, Secretary
  • Cathy Rucker, Treasurer
  • Valerie Sims-Rucker, PR Person/Event Coordinator
  • John Witcher, Event Coordinator
  • Bobbie Rucker, Event Coordinator
  • Linda Rucker, Event Coordinator
  • Steve Lockard, Camp Director
  • Courtland Wilson, Camp Director
  • Julie Martin, Camp Photographers


  • Stihl Power Tools & Equipment
  • General Mills
  • Roosters
  • Kohrman, Frye and Associate
  • Michaelson Homes